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ISBN: 0140430962
Title: The Woman in White (English Library) by Wilkie Collins
SALE: £3.75 reg: £1.50

Like few novels before it, The Woman in White thrilled readers across England when it debuted in 1860. It famously opens with Walter Hartright's eerie encounter on a moonlit road

ISBN: 0140430040
Title: Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.59

"The Pilgrim's Progress" tells the story of a man named Christian pursuing his pilgrimage through Vanity Fair, the Slough of Despond and the Delectable Mountains on his path towards the Celestial City and is one of the world's most famous religious ...

ISBN: 9780722138663
Title: Satyricon by Paul Gillette
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.40

Basis for the Fellini film, translated by Paul Gillette Satyricon (or Satyrica) is a Latin work of fiction in a mixture of prose & poetry (prosimetrum)

ISBN: 9780586026571
Title: Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte
SALE: £3.75 reg: £2.50

First published in 1848, a novel in which a woman flees from a disastrous marriage with her child to a desolate moorland mansion

ISBN: 9780140480788
Title: The Crucible (Penguin plays & screenplays) by Arthur Miller
SALE: £3.75 reg: £1.75

Arthur Miller's classic parable of mass hysteria draws a chilling parallel between the Salem witch-hunt of 1692 - one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history - and the McCarthyism which gripped America in the 1950s

ISBN: 9780140017854
Title: The End of the Affair by Graham Greene
SALE: £3.75 reg: £3.99

The novelist Maurice Bendrix's love affair with his friend's wife, Sarah, had begun in London during the Blitz. One day, inexplicably and without warning, Sarah had broken off the relationship

ISBN: 0140041001
Title: Strange News from Another Star by Hermann Hesse
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.50

These stories are, on the whole, simple and beautiful and yet they are equally philosophical and even political

ISBN: F1504026514
Title: All the Conspirators by Christopher Isherwood
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.18

The scene is 1920s Kensington and Philip and Joan are testing the very limits of politeness and restraint as they fight to expunge the oppression of their mother - by whatever means necessary

ISBN: 0140030859
Title: The Blue Lenses and Other Stories by Daphne Du Maurier
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.75

Eight stories by the well-loved authoress of Rebecca which enlarge our understanding of human nature while exploring the half-forgotten wrold of childhood fantansies and the subtle dreams which condidtion all our actions.

ISBN: F1436087299
Title: Protagoras and Meno by Plato
SALE: £2.75 reg: £3.00

Translated from Ancient Greek, here are two of the most enjoyable of Plato's dialogues.

ISBN: 9781609984069
Title: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories (Cover to Cover) by Oscar Wilde
SALE: £5.25 reg: £20.40

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime is a masterpiece of polisched cynicism in which poison, explosive clocks and finally murder forerun married bliss

ISBN: 9781850040262
Title: Country Tales by H. E. Bates
SALE: £5.25 reg: £4.95

A collection of HE Bates stories of the countryside, containing 25 tales all set in the villages and market towns of the forgotten rural past.

ISBN: 0140432256
Title: The Bostonians by James Henry
SALE: £2.75 reg:

From Boston's social underworld emerges Verena Tarrant, a girl with extraordinary oratorical gifts, which she deploys in tawdry meeting-houses on behalf of 'the sisterhood of women

ISBN: 9781840226348
Title: Desperate Remedies (Wordsworth Classics) by Thomas Hardy
SALE: £4.75 reg: £1.99

With an introduction by Michael Irwin. The young Thomas Hardy was working as an architect, but fired with literary ambition, tried for years to get into print

ISBN: 9780140707014
Title: Romeo and Juliet (Penguin Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare
SALE: £2.75 reg: £5.99

Part of "The New Penguin Shakespeare" series, this text looks at "Romeo and Juliet" with an introduction, a list of further reading, commentary and a short account of the textual problems of the play

ISBN: F1438516311
Title: The Golden Arrow by Webb, Mary
SALE: £3.75 reg: £5.00

This is a later, edition, illustrated by Norman Hepple,of one of the best of Mary Webb's celebrated historical novels. It tells the story of two women living and working in rural Shropshire, their romances and family life.

ISBN: 9780140431582
Title: Four English Comedies of the 17th and 18th centuries: Volpon- or the Fox; The Way of the World; She by J. M. Morrel - Editor / Jonson / Congreve / Goldsmith / Sheridan
SALE: £4.75 reg: £0.00

The aim of this volume is to offer a selection of long-established and well-loved classics which provide examples of the wide range and quality of English comedy in the 17th and 18th centuries

ISBN: 9780140028034
Title: The Anti-death League by Kingsley Amis
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.99

In this surreal comedy of soldiers and spies, Lieutenant James Churchill and his colleagues find themselves questioning their purpose

ISBN: 9780140440249
Title: The Symposium. Translated by W. Hamilton. Penguin Books. 1951 or later imprs. by PLATO
SALE: £2.75 reg: £4.99

In his celebrated masterpiece, Symposium, Plato imagines a high-society dinner-party in Athens in 416 BC at which the guests include the comic poet Aristophanes and, of course, Plato's mentor Socrates

ISBN: 9780140000481
Title: A Passage To India by E.M. Forster
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

'That Marabar Case' was an event which threw the city of Chandrapore. into a fever of racial feeling

ISBN: F1497784251
Title: Snows of Kilimanjaro & Other Stories by Ernest Hemingway
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.18

Men and women of passion and action live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity