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A precocious teenager chronicles her own rise from trailer-park squalor to singing stardom by way of a supermarket talent contest. In her journals, Daisy Clover tells the story of how she is discovered by a hollywood movie producer at fourteen and proceeds through large doses of work, sex and Benzedrine to a twenty-four-hour marriage, a nervous breakdown, retirement and finally obscurity in New York. A has-been before her late teens, she makes a vaudeville comeback in Atlantic City at the age of twenty-four. Review: Decades before it was fashionable, Gavin Lambert expertly wove characters of every sexual stripe into his lustrous tapestries of Southern California life. His elegant, stripped-down prose caught the last gasp of Old Hollywood in a way that has yet to be rivalled -- Armistead Maupin When it comes to pulp fiction, Serpent's Tail is the publisher with the juice. The cigarettes and whiskey you find on your own Detour Magazine Review: Daisy Clover begins writing her thoughts down in a lined theme book before her 14th birthday. She's a vulgar, lucid Lolita who escapes the dinginess of a California trailer camp by listening to sea sounds, recording Cole Porter tunes in a ??leazy penny arcade, and inquiring after the candy supply of errant sexual perverts. One of her discs cops a major talent contest and in less than a year she becomes the country's wide-screen teen-queen. But nothing changes for Daisy. Despite phenomenal success, abortive love, a major reversal in her fortunes, and the commitment of her solitaire-playing catatonic mama, she is still utterly unable to "connect"; she's a soul interred by her own innocence. The lesson Daisy learns - that the over-sane had better get with the schizoid tenor of our times - has characterized some of the finest novels of this season. No exception, Daisy Clover. Lambert's exploration of the ??inning celluloid pimp and the sinned against Hollywood whores is crackling wry, devastatingly knowledgeable, and quite unforgettable. A stunning satiric achievement; it couldn't happen to a nicer colony. (Kirkus Reviews)

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