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Here at GreenBook.club Customer Support we’ve put together your most frequently asked questions to help you find your way around our site, when it goes live. Just click on any area below to find all your answers (and more) to those pesky questions on things like Membership, Buying and Selling, Account Management and our Member’s Forum. If you can’t see a question that relates to the issue you have, just contact us on the link at the top of this page. We’re a friendly bunch and we’ll always do our best to help!









How do I become a member? Does it cost me anything?

In order to buy or sell books through greenbook.club you must first register with us. But never fear! Joining us is quick, easy, and free. No fees, no hidden charges, just good books at really great prices!

Okay, count me in, how do we start?

All we need is your home address, email address and a contact telephone number we can contact you on if there’s a problem with your order. That’s it?
Your email address will then become your unique log on to the site. You will also be asked to enter a password for security, which must be kept safe and not disclosed to anyone.

So, can I start buying and selling?

Once you've registered you can jump right in buying and selling books and also, link up with other greenbook.club members. You can also update or change your details or register an alternative delivery address at any time by using your account administration section, My Account.

Please note: Persons Under 18 are not eligible to use our services and must not attempt to register. Please see our 'Terms and Conditions' for further use.

How do I know your site is safe and secure? I don’t want anyone getting hold of my bank details!

Your details are safe with us! At no time do we release your e-mail address or contact telephone number, unless we have your express permission.

All credit/debit card information is fully encrypted in transmission to paypal Merchant Services so that at no time is it visible to any third party and are not stored or seen by our system at any time. As your financial transactions are always with greenbook.club and not with individual buyers or sellers, no one other than greenbook.club ever has access to your transactions or bank details.

We comply with applicable UK Data Protection legislation in respect of any personal information relating to you gathered by us.

Yes, but what if I want your books, but I don’t want your newsletter?

Please feel free to use the Contact Us section of the greenbook.club website to notify us of any changes to the information you have previously given or if you wish to withdraw your consent to our using the user information for the stated purposes or for any form of promotional contact.


You’ve got thousands of books, so how do I search for the book I want?

If you want to find a particular author or if you know all or even part of the book's title you can use our search engine.

Erm, I can’t remember exactly what the book’s called...

Our search engine is keyword sensitive, try putting in the author’s name or a key word from the title and go from there. If you really can’t remember, get in touch and tell us what you know about the book – we like a good bit of guesswork here at Customer Support.

What if I don’t know what I want?

No problem! You can browse our bookstore by category; or perhaps try one of our three daily recommended titles or any of the other titles displayed on our site through our homepage features. If you find a book you like, check out the seller, they may have other books you like too!

Once you find a book and click on the title you'll be presented with a summary of the book, the copies we have available, the condition ratings and price. Here you can read more about the book and its reviews, or simply go straight to 'Add to Basket' .

Hurrah! I’ve found a book I want, how do I buy it?

Buying books is easy, but you must first register and open a greenbook.club account. Click the 'Log on/Register' button to register. It’s quick, easy and costs nothing.

Before you buy a book you need to credit your account using a credit or debit card or paypal account (see Your Account Balance) with at least enough money to buy the book you want. Or you may have received some funds from selling books which you can use to buy other books.

Once you’ve found your book, simply click 'Add to Basket' and 'Proceed to Checkout' where you will see the total cost of your order.

Yes, but how do I pay for my order?

You need to have money in your account before you buy a book otherwise you won't be able to buy it.

The seller never has access to your payment details and will only receive details of your nominated delivery address.

Once your order is placed you’ll receive a Confirmation e-mail giving details of your order and your book should arrive within 7 to 10 days.

How much do the books cost?

Most of our books (hardbacks and paperbacks) are sold at the incredibly low price of just £3.75, a few may cost less r more depending on the seller. What's more, there's no minimum order value and all standard size paperbacks come with free delivery - just look at for our Free Delivery symbol on all standard paperbacks.

What - even for that giant-sized coffee table book on Art in the 1930’s?

Hardbacks and some heavier large format paperbacks have been priced at more then £3.75 to help cover the additional postage and packing costs. Every book has its asking price displayed next to it.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order and there is no minimum commitment. You’re free to come and go and use our site as often or as little as you wish. We like to think our low pricing and great customer support retains our customers, not contracts!

Can I buy Gift Vouchers for your website?

We currently do not offer this service but may do in the future.

I want to send a book to my Auntie Mabel, can I select a different delivery address?

Yes. There’s no limit to the number of delivery addresses you can have, plus you can ‘name’ each address so that when you’re placing your order you can simply select your stored ‘Home’ address or ‘Work’ address, or ‘Aunt Mabel’ without the need to enter it each time.

Auntie Mable lives in France.

Sorry! At present we do not offer overseas delivery. This is simply due to the fact that all our books currently sell for £3.75 and are priced to include UK delivery. Currently we do not offer the facility to change the pricing of our books or to increase postage charges to allow for overseas delivery. We do however deliver to the Channel Islands, as this is part of the UK and therefore standard Royal Mail postage rates apply.

What is your Wish List and how does it work?

If you find the book you're after is not currently in stock, then our Book Search can still help. By selecting the 'Add to Wish List' option next to the book, our system will automatically e-mail you when someone lists the book for sale. This way you’ll no longer need to keep checking the site for your book, or worry that you’ll miss it.

How do I know what’s happening to my order?

You can follow the status of an order on-line from your My Account homepage. Just log on to My Account and under ‘Book Purchase History’ you go see the status of a current order, including the dispatch date. From here you can also mark books as received and rate the Seller or leave them feedback.

How long does delivery take?

We ask all our sellers to dispatch their books within 2 to 3 days of receipt of the order and we are pleased to say most books are received within 7 to 10 days for ordering.

If you have ordered multiple books as part of one order, they may be sourced from different sellers and therefore may arrive at different times. However we aim to deliver your entire order within 7 to 10 days.

What if my book doesn’t arrive?

Just contact us at Customer Support and we’ll do everything we can to chase up your order and ensure it arrives safely. In the unlikely event that we are not successful and your book doesn’t arrive, we'll either source you a replacement copy or issue a full refund.

What if I ordered the wrong book?

If a book has been ordered in error, then the book may be returned for a refund, but we will deduct a £1.00 administration charge to help cover our costs. Also if the book had a postage payment charge, then this cannot be refunded, as this cost has already been incurred by the seller, in sending the book.

The return address is:

greenbook club

77 Porteous Crescent

Chandlers ford

SO53 2DG


How do I list books for sale?

In order to list books for sale, you must first register and open a greenbook.club account. First click the 'Log on/Register' button to Register. It’s quick, easy and costs nothing.

To list your books, simply select the ‘Sell a Book’ option. For each book you wish to sell you’ll need to enter the ISBN (that’s the book’s number on the back, next to the barcode), the condition of the book and if it’s a heavier book, select a Postage Payment.

Doesn’t it take forever to put in all the details like the date of publication, weight, price etc?

Life is short and fortunately our system is pretty smart. The ISBN you enter enables us to retrieve the details of the book from our database including an image of the book cover, reviews it’s received, details of the author, listing category, the price you would pay if you were to buy it new and the format of the book and most importantly, the weight of the item. The whole process takes just a few seconds and then it's immediately entered into our bookstore for sale.

Yes, but my book hasn’t got an ISBN!

We currently only support ISBN entry, but will support manual entry at some point in the future..

My book doesn’t show an image – can you help?

No problem! Just send us the ISBN of the book you have listed and our team will try and find a cover image for your book.

How do I rate the condition of a book?

At greenbook.club we strive to make reading a happy experience. It is therefore essential that all books listed for sale are accurately described and reach a minimum standard of condition. To help you along, we’ve given the following condition descriptions as a guideline – if in doubt, always rate the book just below the condition you think it is in. This way you can’t go wrong and your buyer will be pleasantly surprised. They might even come back for more!

New: Just as it says on the tin, absolutely brand-new, unused, never read!
Like New: Book looks brand-new and unread. Great for a gift!
Excellent: Book looks new. May have been read, but no easily visible signs. Cover and pages undamaged, binding as new. No staining or creases. A pleasure to receive!
Good: A used but well cared for book. Undamaged cover, no missing pages, minimum creases to pages. Minimal scuff marks and staining. Doesn’t automatically open at a particular page. Nice to read!
Acceptable: Minimum damage to cover. All pages intact, but possible minor damage, some creasing or staining to pages. Very minor writing on inside cover. A well read book, but still has some distance to go. Reading copy only!
Please, please, please, DON’T List: Books that have damage to the cover or binding, or have a tattered and torn appearance. Books with damaged, dirty, smelly, stained or missing pages (this includes damp, moulding and foxing). Books that look like they’ve been dropped in the bath, chewed by the dog, books with scribbles on, books that have barely survived last year’s summer holiday at the beach, last year’s Round the World gap trip or that suitcase full of mouldering paperbacks your Great Uncle Neville stored in the cellar (yes, we will debit your account when the book is returned to us!).

What happens when I sell a book? How will I know?

When a Buyer selects and purchases a book that you have registered for sale, GreenBook.Club will send you an e-mail giving details of the book that has been sold and where you are to send it. This e-mail is called a sales notification. You must package and dispatch the book within 3 days of receiving the sales notification.

The sales notification? That’s an email, right?

The sales notification e-mail is split into three parts. The first is information giving details of the order number and the book you've sold. The second part is for the buyer (Order details) and should be wrapped with the book and posted to the buyer. You can either print out the Order details part of the e-mail or write out the Order details which ever is easiest. Either way you must enclose the order number and details with the book before posting to the buyer. The third part shows the address and delivery details, and also, our return address, which must be displayed on the package.

I’ve deleted my email.

In addition to the e-mail, any books you have sold will appear in your 'Books Due to Send' list on the Delivery Status section of your account administration page. Please confirm that you have sent the books, by updating the 'sent' column on the list.

Your Delivery Status section will automatically be updated to show the books sold in your 'Books Successfully Sent' list.

Please note: Failure to confirm the books being sent may result in the order being cancelled and you not receiving the funds for the sale. Please see our Terms and Conditions

I’ve sold a book, but now I can’t find the book to send?

If you’re unable to dispatch or complete an order, simply e-mail the details of the order to Customer Support making sure you include the order number and title of the book sold so that we can then cancel the order and make alterative arrangements to source the book for the buyer.

How much do I get for selling my books?

All our books are sold for our standard price of £3.75 – from which we pay the selling £3.00. Any books sold for a different price work the same way - you will always get 75p less than the cost of the book to the buyer.

If however you’re selling a large paperback or hardback book, then you may also add a postage payment, which is paid to you in addition to your £3.00 book payment.

Who pays for postage?

For every book sold, we pay the seller £3.00. This is designed to cover the postage costs for sending a standard sized paperback, and also provides a small incentive/ reward to the seller for recycle their books.

When listing heavier books, such as hardbacks or large format paperbacks, our system will recognize the book and allows a Postage Payment to be added to help cover the costs of sending heavier books.

Postage may be added in 50p increments and is based on the weight of the book. The heavier the book, the higher the added postage our system will allow.

This postage payment is paid to the seller in addition to the £3.00 book payment in order to cover the extra postage charges to posting a heavier book. Most postage payments range from 50p to £2.50 depending on the particular book.

As a general rule the book payment (£3.00) and the postage payment combined must not be more than 50% of the books recommended retails price. If the book is especially thin or light, a seller may decide to discount the book. By either 50p or £1.00.

How should I package books?

For standard paperbacks - To ensure the best rates are obtained when posting books, we recommend all thinner books (up to 25mm thick) are posted in strong ‘Manilla’ type envelopes and sealed with tape, and not sent using padded envelopes. This will prevent extra thickness being added to the book, and will enable the book to be posted as a ‘Large Letter’ instead of a 'Small Parcel' and hence will be cheaper to send.

For hardbacks, large format or graphic paperbacks and audio books - To avoid damage in transit we recommend these editions are placed in padded envelopes such as Jiffy or Bubble bags. If it is a large A4 paperback such as a graphic novel, please also write 'Do Not Bend' on the front cover of the envelope.

How much does it cost to send books?

Thin Paperbacks
max 25mm thick (less than 300 pages) and up to 500g
Send as 2nd class 'Large Letter' - £1.51

Thick Paperbacks
over 25mm thick (more than 300 pages) and up to 1kg
Send as 2nd class 'Small Parcel' - £2.80

Large Hardbacks, etc
all books weighing between 1kg-2kg
Send as 2nd class 'Small Parcel' - £2.80

For up to date delivery cost information, please check Royal Mail website.

What if my book is sent but not received?

We’re pleased to say only a very small number of books are sent but not received, and provided a free Certificate or Proof of Posting was obtained at the time of dispatch, full compensation will be paid to the seller by Royal Mail for the lost item and for the postage costs incurred.

How long will it take to sell my books?

Our system works by listing and selling books in the order in which they were listed for sale. This means for a particular book, the first 50 copies to be listed, will be the first to be displayed for sale and the first sold. We hope you agree it is the fairest system to ensure all books are equally recycled. This also ensures when members are browsing books for sale, they are able to select from a selection of copies, where the condition, price or seller offers may vary, enabling them to pick the most appropriate book for them. As a result, you may find a book sells just a few days after it was listed for sale, if it’s a current bestseller where we only have one or two copies in stock, or you may find it takes a number of weeks, if it’s not so recent and we have a number of other copies already in stock. But either way, we’ll find a buyer.

And providing you regularly login to your My Account homepage your books will remain listed for sale - there's no automatic housekeeping to remove books providing your account remains active (you must login at least once every 3 months).


Can I nominate my own Charity?

We plan to make the Woodland Trust our initial charity. We may add others later.


How do I transfer or withdraw funds to or from my greenbook account?

Your greenbook.club account is your online bank account. It shows how much money you have available to spend and includes all transactions you've made on your account - purchases and sales, deposits and withdrawals.

Your account balance can be accessed at any time from your My Account administration section. From here you can also add or withdraw money from your account. There's no minimum balance required for your account, but you must have sufficient funds available in order to make a purchase - we do not allow accounts to become overdrawn.

Who can see my bank details?

You can credit money to your account at anytime by using Paypal. Funds credited to your account using Paypal are classed as ‘cleared’ funds, so there's no need to wait before making a purchase.

Just log on and go to My greenbook.club Bank Account. To transfer money into your greenbook.club Bank Account select the ‘Top-Up your Account Balance’ option and to withdraw funds from your account select the ‘Cash-In or Donate Money’ option.

How do I view my greenbook.club account balance?

To view your greenbook.club Bank Account simply log on to your ‘My Account’ homepage and select from the My greenbook.club Bank Account section at the bottom of the screen.

To view your recent transactions on your account select the ‘View your Recent Bank Statement’ option. Please remember, funds on your greenbook.club Bank Account from book sales take 7 days to clear from the day the book is marked as sent. Cleared funds on your account can then either be used to make new purchases (which we hope you’ll do), or you can simply withdraw funds from your account and cash in on the books you’ve sold. Withdrawals are transferred to your nominated bank account via automated bank transfer (BACS via Barclays Bank) and usually take between 5 and 10 days to reach your account.

How are my Star Ratings calculated?

Buyers can now rate each purchase once a book has been received to reflect the accuracy of a seller’s condition rating, the promptness of dispatch and the level of packaging. This feedback is then used to produce a ‘Seller Rating’ for each seller, which is then displayed next to every book listed for sale, giving more choice to buyers when deciding which book to buy. These ratings are displayed next to the ‘Seller ID’, however we encourage all members to logon to their My Account homepage and set their ‘Display Name’ which will then be displayed next to their books listed for sale instead.

For all new transactions, buyers will be asked the following questions, to give a possible 5 Star score:

1) Was the book dispatched within seven days?

2) Was the book packaged sufficiently?

3) Was the format and description correct?

4) Were you satisfied with the condition of the book?

5) Would you buy from this seller again?

Who can see the comments my buyers write?

Only the buyer and the seller of each transaction can see the comments and the specific star rating; elsewhere on the site, the star ratings only appear as an average. But be careful, you can lose points for cancellations. You can avoid this by ensuring your listing is kept up to date.

How do I change the font size on the web page?

If you have trouble reading the print on our web pages, you can easily change the size of the font to fit your needs. Changing font sizes in your web browser is easy, however instructions will vary slightly from browser to browser.

If you’re using Internet Explorer (v.5 or above) select from the menu bar at the top the ‘View’ pull down menu. Next select the ‘Text size’ option and then select one from the 5 options ranging from smallest to largest.

If you get really stuck, go to your browser's help menu (usually the button furthest right in any program). From there you should be able to get help on any problem you have.

What’s the Members Profile Page?

This is not currently implemented

How do I change my Profile Picture, change my Account Details or get a Password Reminder?

This is not currently implemented

I’m off to see Auntie Mabel in Canada – what will happen to my listing?

This is not currently implemented

Just look for the holiday settings icon on your My Account home page. Set the dates a few days before you go away, so that no books get sold at the last minute just before you go - and this will suspend your listing from sale. Once the return date is up, your books will automatically reappear on our site.


What’s the Forum?

Our book Forum is a friendly relaxed corner, where book lovers can talk about their favorite books, authors and much more. Add the personal touch and meet other members, ask for title recommendations, post questions about books and authors, swap tips on buying and selling, or simply share your green ideas across the community whilst you chat.

How do I find my way around the Forum?

The Forum Homepage displays a list of the 4 main Forum categories - General, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Other, each one containing a number of Forums(specific subjects areas, such as Classic Fiction, Biographies or Food & Drink).

Each Forum may contain a number of Topics (also known as threads) which may range from a question placed by a member, to a book review which a member wishes to share, or simply the start of a conversation or discussion.

Each Topic may then contain a number of Posts. A Post is simply a reply to a Topic, written by a member. A Topic may contain no Posts if it’s new and no one has yet replied, or several if it’s triggered a discussion by members.

The Forum Homepage displays a list of all the forums, with some basic details including the number of Topics and Posts attached to each, the last Post made and the last member to Post. To view more details, simply click on the Forum or Topic heading or to drill down and view the Topics and Posts.

How do I post on the Forum?

All visitors may view the Forum entries, but only members may post on the Forum, therefore if you’re not a member or logged-in, you must do so first before being allowed to post on the Forum.

There are two primary ways to create a post. The first is to create a New Topic in a Forum, the second is to Reply to an existing Topic or Post.

How do I create a new Topic?

First select the Forum you think your Topic should reside in, for example if you wish to ask a question about a Jamie Oliver cookbook, then first select the ‘Food & Drink’ Forum. Then click the New Topic button at the top of the page. This will take you to the ‘New Topic’ form, where you can then enter the Title (such as the title of the book, if your Topic is specific to a book or the issue being discussed in your Topic) and your message (your question or issue etc). If your Topic is related to a specific book, then you can also add a book image and link by adding the ISBN (if you don’t know the ISBN simply select the ‘Search’ button). Once you’ve entered your Topic details, click the Post button to finish. Your new Topic will now be displayed in the Forum for other members to view and reply to.

How do I Reply to a Topic or Post?

The other method of posting a message is to Reply to someone‘s Topic or Post. When reading a Topic or Post you may wish to join in by adding your own comments to the discussion.

At the very bottom of every Topic (providing you’re logged in) there is a Reply Box, where you can simply add your message and click the Reply button. Your Post will then be added to the list and displayed to everyone viewing the Topic.

When Replying, if your Reply is related to a specific book (and different to the original Topic), then you can also add a book image and link by adding the ISBN (if you don’t know the ISBN simply select the ‘Search’ button).

Great! So we can write what we like, right?

Not quite. Our freedom of speech policy doesn’t extend to insulting other members, naming and shaming sellers because you didn’t like your order, printing up people’s personal details or using words your Great Auntie Kitty would blush at. Please see our Forum Terms and Conditions before you begin. That way we can keep our Forum safe for all our members.

How do I use the Quote button?

If when Replying, you wish to quote an earlier post, or comment specifically on a previous post, then simply select the Quote button next to the Post. This will create a new Reply box, but will automatically copy the details from the early post, into your Reply box.

Why does it ask for an ISBN or books search when I make a post?

If your Post is related to a specific book, then you may wish to add a book image and link to the post. So that readers, can quickly see the book you’re talking about and easily click on the book image to view the book details and any copies listed for sale.

To add a book image to your post, simply add the books ISBN to the ‘Book ISBN’ field (if you don’t know the ISBN simply select the ‘Search’ button). Then once the ISBN has been entered along with your message simply click the Reply button to make your Post.

Someone said something offensive on the Forum, what can I do about it?

Within our Forum, please use the 'Report' button to report any breaches in Privacy or to report any thread which you feel is in breach of our Terms and Conditions.


Help! I’ve read your Frequently Asked Questions and I still can’t find the answer I want!

Here at greenbook.club we do our best to answer all your queries within 2 working days; just send us your message by email through our ‘contact us’ form and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!

If it’s about an order, please don’t forget to include your registered email address and order number, as this enables us to check our records before we get back to you.

Check out our Terms and Conditions