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ISBN: 0749922230
Title: Fight Fat After Forty: How to stop being a stress eater and lose weight fast by Dr Pamela Peeke
SALE: £3.75 reg: £12.99

It's not only food and inactivity that can make you fat in midlife- so can stress. After the age of forty, the accrued stresses of a lifetime and the inevitable onset of the perimenopause begin to take their physical toll on a woman

ISBN: 0060928069
Title: How Could You Do That?! by Laura Schlessinger
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

Instant New York Times Bestseller. Yeah I Know. . . . but. . . . (Where's your character?) I know it's wrong. . . but. . . . (where's your conscience?) Of course I have values. . .

ISBN: 9780857209351
Title: Chicken Favourites (Weight Watchers) by Weightwatchers
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.99

This is a delightful collection of recipes from Weight Watchers. This latest 'Mini Series' is handbag sized and thus perfect to pick up on your way home from work

ISBN: 9781567187953
SALE: £4.75 reg: £12.99

They come to our aid when we least expect it, and they disappear as soon as their work is done. We all regularly receive messages from our guardian angels and spirit guides but usually fail to recognize them

ISBN: 0862881285
Title: Natural Alternatives to HRT by Marilyn Glenville
SALE: £4.25 reg: £5.99

Publisher: Greenwich Editions
Date of Publication: 1996
Binding: hard back
Condition: Fine/Fine
Description: 0862881285

ISBN: 9780007204854
Title: Raising Girls: Why girls are different - and how to help them grow up happy and confident by Gisela Preuschoff
SALE: £3.75 reg: £8.99

A warm and inspiring read for parents, this book explores girls' emotional and physical development from ages 1 to 16. Every parent of girls aged between 1 and 16 will enjoy reading this informative and practical book

ISBN: 9780002556859
Title: The Force of Fantasy: How We Make Our Lives by Ethel S. Person
SALE: £4.75 reg: £16.99

Most people do not take their daydreams seriously. This book argues that the fantasy of daydreams is central to our lives and essential to our well-being. Far from being a retreat from the world, fantasy plays a major role in shaping it

ISBN: 0207953945
Title: What's Wrong with Me? by Leon Coriat
SALE: £4.75 reg: £1.50

160 pages. A guide to common symptoms

ISBN: 9780091923488
Title: The Good Sleep Guide by Sammy Margo
SALE: £3.75 reg: £10.99

Do you toss and turn at night, counting down the hours you have left to sleep? Do you need an alarm to wake up on time and then continually 'snooze' it in the morning? Do you use caffeine to help you stay alert? Do you feel tired most of the time? I...

ISBN: 9780470565551
Title: The Vitamin D Cure by James E Dowd M D
SALE: £3.75 reg: £9.99

Groundbreaking new research has traced the source of a wide array of disorders to a single common factor - vitamin D deficiency

ISBN: 9780859699747
Title: Depressive illness-curse of the strong by Dr. Tim Cantopher
SALE: £3.75 reg: £7.99

A vigorous immune system is vital to good health, both physical and mental

ISBN: 1556433700
Title: Uncommon Voyage: Parenting a Special Needs Child in the World of Alternative Medicine by Laura Shapiro Kramer
SALE: £5.25 reg: £12.99

This is a true story of one woman's journey from innocence and denial to enlightenment and empowerment. In a brutally honest and touching memoir, Laura Shapiro Kramer shares the story of her own experiences raising a special needs child

ISBN: 1847371159
Title: WeightWatchers Cook! by Penny Stephens
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

Weightwatchers latest superb recipe book. Packed with 150 new recipes, all with Points values.

ISBN: 1844543609
Title: The Great Cholesterol Con ~ The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It by Malcolm Kendrick
SALE: £4.25 reg: £9.99

Rubbishing the diet-heart hypothesis, in which clinical trials 'prove' that high cholesterol causes heart disease and a high-fat diet leads to heart disease, Malcolm Kendrick lambastes a powerful pharmaceutical industry and unquestioning medical pro...

ISBN: 1903998042
Title: Green Living in the Urban Jungle by Lucy Siegle
SALE: £3.75 reg: £7.95

Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle can be a daunting prospect for the average urban dweller

ISBN: 9780330374453
Title: Cold New World: Growing Up in a Harder Country by William Finnegan
SALE: £4.25 reg: £8.99

A journey through four areas of America with the author examining the country's growing poverty class and its adolescents, focusing on drug-taking and drug-trafficking. The author is a staff reporter for the "New Yorker"

ISBN: 9781853817984
Title: What's Really Going On Here?: Making Sense of our Emotional Lives by Susie Orbach
SALE: £3.75 reg: £14.00

Here are fascinating articles on sex, jealousy, anger, intimacy, loss, food problems, parent/child relationships, sibling rivalry and much more. . . from Susie Orbach, truly innovative therapist and a highly accessible writer

ISBN: 9781845094201
Title: The Day My Life Changed by Carmel Reilly
SALE: £4.25 reg: £14.99

A Wonderful Collection Of Uplifting Stories Which Lead To Real Joy.

ISBN: 0572016743
Title: Classic 1000 Dreams, The by W.foulsham
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

It is said that the dream image may have significance in predicting events and that dreams contain hidden messages. In this classic collection you will find the interpretations and views of some of the most celebrated writers on the subject

ISBN: 0752517325
Title: Essential Aromatherapy by Jenny Plunkett
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.99

Essential Aromatherapy is a comprehensive introduction to the traditional art of using natural oils, extracted from plants, both on the body and in the home.

ISBN: 9780099332718
Title: Slim for Life by Judith Wills
SALE: £3.25 reg: £4.99

A six-step plan aimed at those who are disillusioned with the whole idea of dieting, but who hate being overweight. It offers a self-help programme that combines both psychological and practical strategies.

ISBN: 9780762106066
Title: Title: Your Dream Interpreter Over 1200 Symbols And Theme by Readers Digest
SALE: £5.25 reg: £0.00

If you want to understand more about your own and others' behaviour and gain greater insight into your inner self, this fact-packed reference guide will provide a wealth of fascinating information to help you unlock the power of your dreams