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ISBN: 9780233999777
Title: Geoffrey Regan's Book of Military Blunders by Geoffrey Regan
SALE: £4.25 reg: £12.99

From ancient times to the Bay of Pigs and the Falklands War, military history has been marked as much by misjudgements and incompetence as by gallantry and glory

ISBN: 9780006143468
Title: Property of a Gentleman by Catherine Gaskin
SALE: £2.75 reg: £3.50

Set in the Lake District, the story revolves around Joanna Roswell, who arrives from a famous London auction house to examine the contents of Thirlbeck, the remote and ancient seat of the Earls of Askew

ISBN: 0140289259
Title: Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock
SALE: £5.25 reg: £12.99

On an odyssey stretching from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to South American ruins, from Easter Island to Angkor Wat, the authors put forward compelling evidence to suggest that cultures we term ancient were in fact the heirs to an older lost civil...

ISBN: 9780330250887
Title: Kiss the Moonlight by Barbara Cartland
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.50

"Every moment, every second. . . I fall more deeply, more overwhelmingly in love". How could she love a man she had never met until that afternoon, Athena asked herself

ISBN: 9780140204032
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

Cobban gives us his vision of the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI and the French Revolution.

ISBN: 0571216102
Title: The Lunar Men : The Friends Who Made the Future by Jenny Uglow
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

Led by the larger-than-life Erasmus Darwin, the Lunar Society of Birmingham were a group of eighteenth-century amateur experimenters who met monthly on the Monday night nearest to the full moon

ISBN: 9780099457862
Title: Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another by Philip Ball
SALE: £4.25 reg: £10.99

Philip Ball explores the age-old question: are there any 'laws of nature' that guide human affairs? Is there anything inevitable about the ways humans behave and organize themselves? Have we complete freedom in creating our societies or are we trapp...

ISBN: 9780316729536
Title: Is it Just Me or is Everything Shit?: The Encyclopedia of Modern Life by Steve Lowe
SALE: £4.25 reg: £12.99

If you hate: loft living; bar-clubs; Tony Blair; chick lit; global warming sceptics; Keane; loyalty cards; IKEA; Kabbalah; bling and Richard Curtis. .

ISBN: 9780586032718
Title: Figures In A Landscape by Barry England
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

fine paperback In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

ISBN: 0330457691
Title: Frost/Nixon: One Journalist, One President, One Confession by David Frost
SALE: £3.75 reg: £7.99

Published to coincide with the launch of Ron Howard's blockbuster film, and following on from the huge success of the eponymous West End and Broadway play, "Frost/Nixon" tells the extraordinary story of how David Frost pursued and landed the biggest...

ISBN: 9780006140856
Title: Warleggan - The 4th Poldark Novel by Winston Graham
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.00

TV tie-in 1975 paperback, vg+ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

ISBN: 9780140241938
Title: Lady of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
SALE: £5.25 reg: £9.99

This, the eagerly awaited link between "The Forest House" and "The Mists of Avalon", spans the creation of Avalon itself, right up to the birth of King Arthur

ISBN: 9780722535493
Title: Gods of the Dawn: The Message of The Pyramids and The True Stargate Mystery by Peter Lemesurier
SALE: £4.75 reg: £15.99

This extraordinary book argues compellingly that the Pyramids are in fact part of an ancient star map - a message in stone from a vastly superior intelligence, designed to guide us through the present, steer us towards the future, and finally summon...

ISBN: F1436887358
Title: Fanfare for Elizabth by Sitwell, Edith
SALE: £3.75 reg: £5.00

A biographical description of Elizabeth 1st. of England, including numerous quotes from contemporaries (both pro and con the Queen).

ISBN: 9780755314478
Title: Welcome to Britain: A Celebration of Real Life by Jan Williams
SALE: £4.25 reg: £9.99

Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale are on a mission to record the ordinary and extraordinary details of leisure, landscape and lifestyle in 21st-century Britain

ISBN: 9781852421175
Title: The Chomsky Reader by Noam Chomsky
SALE: £5.75 reg: £0.00

Political essays examine topics including equality, Soviet-American relations, the Vietnam War, and the conflicts in Central America.

ISBN: 9780099078906
Title: A Prayer For The Ship by Douglas Reeman
SALE: £3.25 reg: £9.99

Reissued to mark the fortieth anniversary of its first publication, the debut maritime novel from the author of WINGED ESCORT

ISBN: 9781846072840
Title: Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire by Simon Baker
SALE: £3.75 reg: £9.99

This is the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known. Simon Baker charts the rise and fall of the world's first superpower, focusing on six momentous turning points that shaped Roman history