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ISBN: 0722163916
Title: Ringworld (Sphere science fiction) by Larry Niven
SALE: £3.75 reg: £1.75

In Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven created Known Space, a universe in the distant future with a distinctive and complicated history

ISBN: 0140121293
Title: Spellfire (TSR Fantasy) by Ed Greenwood
SALE: £3.25 reg: £4.99

paperback, vg+ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

ISBN: 9781849011105
Title: Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed) by Lara Adrian
SALE: £3.75 reg: £7.99

In a world of shadows and consuming passions, desire is the deadliest weapon. . . Fuelled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal, the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues

ISBN: 0099184427
Title: Servant Of The Bones by Anne Rice
SALE: £3.75 reg: £8.99

SERVANT OF THE BONES is Anne Rice's new electrifying novel, with a hero as mesmerising, seductive and ambivalent as the vampire Lestat

ISBN: 0140045872
Title: What are the Bugles Blowing for? by Nicolas Freeling
SALE: £2.75 reg: £0.80

A Henri Castang Mystery - A European city, bathed in the sultry heat of a summer afternoon and a telephone call announcing a triple murder. Henri Castang is called into action in this profound and disturbing crime fiction

ISBN: 0553211439
Title: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Bantam Classic) by Mark Twain
SALE: £3.75 reg: £3.27

This novel tells the story of Hank Morgan, the quintessential self-reliant New Englander who brings to King Arthur's Age of Chivalry the "great and beneficial" miracles of nineteenth century engineering and American ingenuity

ISBN: 9780590112895
Title: The Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials) by Philip Pullman
SALE: £3.75 reg: £6.99

Lyra lies sleeping in a cave near a rainbow, drugged into unconsciousness by her mother, Mrs Coulter, whose love for her daughter closely rivals her own ruthless ambition

ISBN: 0708853285
Title: The Druid Of Shannara: The Heritage of Shannara, book 2 by Terry Brooks
SALE: £3.75 reg: £5.99

A sequel to "The Scions of Shannara". In the 300 years since the death of the Druid Allanon, the mysterious Shadowen have seized control and are ruining the Four Lands

ISBN: 9780747232131
Title: A Difficulty With Dwarves by Craig Shaw Gardner
SALE: £2.75 reg: £4.50

Thus begins this tale of Wuntvor,apprentice to the mighty mage Ebenezum

ISBN: 1841490482
Title: Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton
SALE: £3.75 reg: £7.99

I'm Anita Blake, expert on creatures of the night. I've dined with shapeshifters, danced with werewolves, and been wooed - but not won - by Jean-Claude, the Master Vampire of the City

ISBN: 0140318305
Title: Caverns of the Snow Witch (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) by Ian Livingstone
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.99

1st Puffin edition paperback vg+ or better In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

ISBN: 0140177191
Title: The Mists of Avalon (Mists of Avalon 1) by Marion Zimmer Bradley
SALE: £4.75 reg: £12.99

"In my time I have been called many things:Sister, Lover, Priestess, Wise-Woman,Queen

ISBN: 9780356502403
Title: Ancillary Justice: 1 (Imperial Radch) by Ann Leckie
SALE: £4.25 reg: £8.99

The record-breaking debut novel that won every major science fiction award in 2014, Ancillary Justice is the story of a warship trapped in a human body and her search for revenge. Ann Leckie is the first author to win the Arthur C

ISBN: 0722137982
Title: Ice Belt by Stephen Couper
SALE: £2.75 reg: £1.95

1st edition 1st printing paperback, vg++ In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

ISBN: 9781845299415
Title: The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance (Mammoth Books) by Trisha Telep
SALE: £3.75 reg: £7.99

Fall in love with someone out of this world. If love transcends all boundaries then paranormal romance is its logical conclusion. From the biggest names around, here are 24 tales to take you to another time and place

ISBN: 0886776627
Title: Adventures in the Twilight Zone by Carol Serling
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.04

A brother and sister confront the ghost of an unknown sibling, a time traveler tries to change the course of the Civil War, and a man is given the opportunity to create world peace, in a collection of twenty-three tales of the macabre, fantasy, and ...

ISBN: 0553587218
Title: Headstone City by Tom Piccirilli
SALE: £3.75 reg: £3.95

The night Johnny Danetello drove a dying girl through the streets of Brooklyn in his cab, he was trying to save her life. Instead he ran down a cop and lost her and his freedom

ISBN: 0446618748
Title: Kitty Takes A Holiday (Kitty Norville) by Carrie Vaughn
SALE: £3.75 reg: £5.28

After being exposed on national television while turning wolf, Kitty heads to the mountains of Colorado to pen her memoirs and get some much needed R and R

ISBN: 9780099740919
Title: The Handmaid's Tale (Contemporary Classics) by Margaret Atwood
SALE: £4.25 reg: £8.99

The Republic of Gilead offers Offred only one function: to breed. If she deviates, she will, like dissenters, be hanged at the wall or sent out to die slowly of radiation sickness

ISBN: F1430583848
Title: Lost Worlds - Zothique, Averoigne and others Vol. 1 by Clark Ashton Smith
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.40

Explore the most eerie lands in adult fantasy

ISBN: 9780007241002
Title: Next by Michael Crichton
SALE: £3.75 reg: £6.99

The Number One international bestselling author of Jurassic Park, Congo and Sphere blends fact and fiction to create a near-future where genetic engineering opens up a whole new world of terrifying, page-turning possibilities. .

ISBN: 0099076306
Title: Toyman by EC Tubb
SALE: £3.75 reg: £0.35

Needed by Dumarest; information on the whereabouts of the planet Earth. On the world Toy was the giant computer that might have the information. But the world of Toy gave nothing for free. The information would be costly

ISBN: 0002243512
Title: The Red Wyvern (Dragon Mage) by Katharine Kerr
SALE: £5.75 reg: £9.99

Once mere mercenaries, the silver daggers are now the King's personal guards and Maddyn is pitted against a dark and sorcerous enemy, Lady Merroda. Their final confrontation forges a chain of hatred between them that will last for many lives

ISBN: 0553504266
Title: Shadow Moon (Shadow war trilogy) by George Lucas
SALE: £3.75 reg: £5.99

The first novel in the "Shadow War" trilogy. It is 13 years since the fall of an evil sorceress and war has gripped the land of Tir Asleen. An ancient prophecy reveals one hope: a saviour princess who will ascend to the throne