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ISBN: 0896084566
Title: Sisters of the Yam by Bell Hooks
SALE: £4.75 reg: £15.94

In Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks reflects on the ways in which the emotional health of black women has been and continues to be impacted by sexism and racism

ISBN: 9781861084088
Title: Start Taking Great Holiday Photographs (Start Taking) by Peter Adams
SALE: £4.25 reg: £14.99

If you'd like to take better photographs but don't know where to begin, then this is the book for you. Professional photographer Peter Adams explains how anyone can ensure that they capture stunning images while they are away on holiday

ISBN: 9781905959150
Title: The Housebuilder's Bible Eighth Edition (8th Edition) by Mark Brinkley
SALE: £5.25 reg: £19.95

"The Housebuilder's Bible" is unique - the first book in its field to mix information and advice with detailed yardstick costings for residential building projects

ISBN: 0943233259
Title: The Courage to be Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Growing Beyond Emotional Dependence by Sue Patton Thoele
SALE: £5.25 reg: £10.99

Practical tools for growing beyond emotional dependence! Learn to: Recognize and heal the fears that keep you emotionally dependent. Change self-defeating beliefs and patterns of behavior. Stand up for yourself by setting limits and boundaries

ISBN: 9781842053959
Title: How to Interpret a Psychic Reading by Bruce Way
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.95

Psychic predictions Questions to ask Interpretation Personal intuition Ethical considerations Psychic pretenders Choose a genuine psychic Understand psychic advice

ISBN: 9781849906357
Title: Top Gear: How to Parachute into a Moving Car: Vital Survival Tips for the Modern Man by Richard Porter
SALE: £3.75 reg: £9.99

A collection of the Top Gear team's sensible, level-headed advice for coping with the everyday scenarios that we all face now and again

ISBN: F1435927094
Title: Daily Telegraph New Party Book by Payne, Evelyn
SALE: £3.25 reg: £3.00

Here is a long-needed book whose purpose is to improve party-giving. The author has been called "Britain's best-known party-giver" and the practical advice she gives here is the outcome of her own successful catering for famous people

ISBN: 0600200612
Title: Pulling Your Own Strings by Wayne W. Dyer
SALE: £2.75 reg: £2.25

Does your family treat you like an unpaid servant? Are you afraid to stand up for yourself at work? Do you give in to pressure from friends? Do you torture yourself with guilt and remorse? If you feel and act like a victim, your life is not really y...

ISBN: 0856962090
SALE: £2.75 reg:


ISBN: 0289702194
Title: How to Make Your Own Kinetics (How to Do it) by Wickers, David
SALE: £2.75 reg: £1.05

If you were to step into an art gallery full of Kinetics you would have quite a shock. All of the paintings and sculpture would be moving, or seem to do so, as you walked past them

ISBN: 9781841642512
Title: Herbal Medicine (A Step-by-Step Guide) by Non Shaw
SALE: £3.75 reg: £4.99

Herbal medicine is probably the oldest form of natural therapy and its popularity is as strong as ever as interest in alternative health continues to grow

ISBN: 0722531958
Title: Principles of NLP: The Only Introduction You'll Ever Need by Joseph O'Connor
SALE: £4.75 reg: £5.99

This is a guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its application as a tool for personal development

ISBN: 1840913088
Title: How to Write a Wedding Speech (Confetti) by
SALE: £3.75 reg: £6.99

Providing the father of the bride, groom, best man, bride and bridesmaids with the foundations to build their own personalized speech suitable for any occasion, this title explains the "rules" for memorable speeches

ISBN: 0925480525
Title: The Photo Reading Whole Mind System by Paul R. Scheele
SALE: £3.75 reg: £12.50

Discover the secrets of Photoreading at 25,000 words per minute. Handle your reading with ease and mastery.

ISBN: 9780722509951
Title: Twenty-three Steps to Success and Achievement by Robert J. Lumsden
SALE: £3.25 reg: £4.99

Everybody wants to achieve their ambitions and make a success of their lives, but why do so many fail? This text aims to help people utilize the success potential that they were born with in 23 simple steps

ISBN: 185051187x
Title: Quick and Easy Guide to Home Repairs by Ron Grace
SALE: £3.75 reg: £2.99

This fully illustrated book is a useful and pratical guide to looking after your home, and explains how to carry out essential repairs inside and outside the house.

ISBN: 9780593069578
Title: The Ten-Minute Gardener's Fruit-Growing Diary (The Ten-Minute Gardener) by Val Bourne
SALE: £4.25 reg: £9.99

What are the key tasks for each month that the time-pressed fruit gardener should do to ensure success? Which fruits should you grow and which varieties will guarantee both quantity and quality? What are the most important things you need to know to...

ISBN: 0470028602
Title: Paying Less Tax 2006/2007 for Dummies by Tony Levene
SALE: £3.25 reg: £9.99

Find taxes taxing? You're not alone! With rules and regulations constantly changing, and nine million of us having to work out our tax bill for ourselves, it's no wonder that three quarters of us pay too much tax every year

ISBN: 9780575601376
Title: Feng Shui For Lovers by Sarah Bartlett
SALE: £3.75 reg: £5.99

Whether the aim is to attract a new love, hang on to the old one, or re-boost your sex life, the ancient art of arranging the everyday objects in your home can be applied quickly and simply

ISBN: 0720803969
Title: It Could be Your Problem by George B. Duncan
SALE: £3.75 reg: £1.50

Christian responses to problems from this former Keswick speaker

ISBN: 9780719802515
Title: Gem Identification Made Easy: A Hands-on Guide to More Confident Buying and Selling by Antoinette L. Matlins
SALE: £6.25 reg: £25.00

This is the first and only book that explains in non-technical terms how to use pocket, portable and laboratory instruments to identify diamonds and coloured gems and to separate them from imitations and 'look-alikes'

ISBN: 0091793580
Title: Reinvented Lives: Women at Sixty: A Celebration by Charles Handy
SALE: £4.75 reg: £20.00

Twenty-eight women, ranging from Anita Roddick and Prue Leith to less well-known names, write their own personal stories which are accompanied by Elizabeth Handy's black and white photographs and an introductory essay by Charles Handy

ISBN: 0752861182
Title: The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Secret Meaning Behind People's Gestures by Allan Pease
SALE: £5.75 reg: £14.99

It is a scientific fact that people's gestures give away their true intentions. This authoritative guide, written with great humour and insight, reveals all the secrets of body language to give you more confidence and control in any situation

ISBN: 0749309385
Title: The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse by Ellen Bass
SALE: £4.75 reg: £12.99

Based on the experiences of hundreds of child abuse survivors, The Courage to Heal profiles victims who share the challenges and triumphs of their personal healing processes